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Live Oak

  • Moderately growing tree that reaches between 35′-40’ft spread of 30 feet
  • It is a deciduous tree with small green leaves. The exfoliating bark of this tree makes it unique.
  • As one piece of bark peels away, a patchwork pattern of various shades of grey, brown, green and orange is left behind.

Red Oak

  • Bristle-tipped leaves turn red in the fall. Their leaves have 7 to 11 waxy lobes.
  • A good street tree, tolerates pollution and compacted soil
  • Grows as much as two feet a year for 10 years.
  • Grows ’60’ to 75″ spread
  • Zones 3-8

Chinquapin Oak

  • A drought-tolerant, deciduous trees
  • Normal growing 40′-60′
  • Grows well in dry, rocky in full sun.

Lacebark Elm

This Magnificent, Broadleaf evergreen tree will be a picturesque addition to your landscape.

  • Adapts to almost any soil
  • It grows rapidly when young and may live to be centuries old.
  • Can be used as street trees. Grows 40′-80′, with 80′ spread.
  • Full sun with a very adaptable soil and growth of 13″-24″ a year.
  • Zones 7-10

Chinese Pistache

  • Grows quickly in full sun to partial shade on moderately fertile well drained soils and will withstand heat and drought extremely well.
  • The crown is quite round and symmetrical on older specimens
  • When grown in full sun but becomes misshapen in too much shade. Best for full sun areas.
  • Grows in clay, loam, or sand in a wide range of soil PH
  • Mature Height 25′-35′

Autumn Blaze Maple

  • Whether it’s in a wet or dry environment, hard clay or sandy loam, this hybrid can withstand almost anything.
  • As a combination of the silver and red maples, the autumn Blaze Maple adapts to a variety of climate and soils, is fast-growing, and presents magnificent fall colors. Growing 2′-3′ each year.
  • Autumn Blaze Maple outgrow any other tree in the maple family.
  • Its strength and resistance to high winds and ice damage make it the perfect shade tree for both urban and suburban neighborhoods.


  • This is an attractive, hardy tree that produces clusters of colorful flower spikes in summer and fall
  • Has aromatic green leaves and is a rapid grower in most climate and soil conditions.
  • Mature Height 10′-20′ Tall

Redbud (Native)

  • Perfect Ornamental tree for any landscape. This tree produces beautiful flowers in early spring.
  • It will grow to a height between 15 and 20 ft at maturity.
  • Fall Yellow Blooms

Autumn Blaze Maple

  • As one of the beauties, the Crepe Myrtle adds color to any landscape during the hot days of summer.
  • Its color palette can include red, white, pink and lavender. One of the most beautiful characteristics of the tree is its slick, light-colored bark and small leaves that turn yellow and red in the fall.
  • It’s best to use it as a small specimen tree in full sun. It grows 1′-2′ annually until it reaches a height between 10′ – 25′.
  • Drought tolerant and are essentially trouble free

Bald Cypress (Native)

  • Native to area easy to grow except in solid rock, drought tolerant, grows well in wet areas
  • Must have full sun. Cannot take shade at all.
  • Moderately fast growing. Height 80′ and Spreads to 50′. Light green lacy foliage, reddish brown fall color. Branching
  • The structure is layered and distinctive root-knees will appear in wet soil. Likes well drained soil the best.
  • The Bald Cypress will grow for centuries. Basically problem free. Uses: shade tree, background tree, fall color, delicate foliage texture. Life spans several hundred years.

Pecan (Native)

  • The irregularly spreading, extremely graceful, yellow fall color from April through October.
  • Pecan trees often take 10 to 15 years to begin to produce fruit. Grafted varieties produce fruit in 5 to 10 years depending on variety.
  • They can live up to 300 years. Non-grafted seedlings and native
  • It is the Texas State Tree. Pecan trees require about 2″ of water per week
  • The Pecan loves the sun and is deeply rooted. The Height is 100′ and the Spread is 100′.
  • Grows anywhere

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