Quality is paramount

Throughout the growth of the company, we have developed a strong emphasis on producing a quality product and reputation. landscapers know that their clients will be impressed by the beautiful grasses that Buena Vista Turf Farm supplies. Sports Turf Managers know that fields sodded with Buena Vista Turf will be ready to play sooner and perform better than any other grass.

Cutting edge technology developed in the past years has enabled us to provide even better products. Our university-selected blends ensure customers are always buying turf that is a top performer in the region. Sophisticated automatic harvesters guarantee fresh sod is cut only hours before delivery.

In everything we do, our main focus is always providing
our customers a final product with exceptional quality.

Family Matters.

We are a family-owned business devoted to high quality grasses and service. We consider our staff not just a part of our business, but an extension of our family.

Our staff longevity averages over 25 years with our company which speaks for our loyalty and dedication to our staff as well as our customers.

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